It’s a known fact that Magento is currently one of the best and the most popular eCommerce web development platforms. The main reason behind the popularity of this platform is that it’s flexible, has higher SKU numbers and on top of it, it’s scalable. All of these factors make Magento the best option for eCommerce stores. However, just like any other platform, even Magento comes with its own challenges when it comes to dealing with day to day operations. This is where you need to hire a Magento expert to easily manage your store and get the kind of sales you want.

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One of the biggest challenges for eCommerce store owners is the development process of Magento. Its coding process is what people usually struggle with and that’s why businesses often have to seek help from Magento experts in the US.


Why Are Magento Experts In Demand?


For starters, Magento definitely is the best eCommerce platform and the best choice for those who want to get more traffic. Store owners can leverage all of the advanced features and functionalities of this platform that can help them compete, grow and sustain. However, online merchants still need to have Magento expert companies at their end to take advantage of the full potential of this platform.

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Here are some stats that explain why there’s a massive demand for Magento developers and experts in the US;


  • As compared to their counterparts, Magento store owners experience growth 3x times faster.
  • There are more than 250,000 Magento powered websites alone in the US.
  • As of now, there are around 800,000 Magento powered websites which means that Magento accounts for 1.2% of the total web usage.
  • From Adidas to Walmat, Magento is powering some of the big business tycoons right now.


Other than these  stats, Magento keeps updating its version like Magento 2 and Magento 2.3.2 that was just launched in the year 2019. Now with each update, there are new features that store owners should know how to leverage. This is where again, you should look for a Magento 2 hosting provider or hire a Magento expert in the US to make sure that your store is running smoothly and seamlessly.

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Things To Consider When Hiring A Magento Expert In The US


If you are new to Magento, you probably wouldn’t know how to look for the best Magento experts in the US. From certifications to the cost of development, expertise and experience, you have to consider all these factors to make the most out of your store.



One of the most important factors to consider when hiring a Magento expert is “Experience”. Novice Magento experts aren’t a bad option but it’s just that they might not be able to help you with your store’s challenges and you’ll be facing some delays and hurdles in the beginning. Now for someone who is just getting started with his Magento store, these delays and hurdles aren’t acceptable at all. This is why if you want a great start, you’ll first have to look for an experienced Magento developer who has a complete hold of the platform and knows how to fulfill all of your requirements.

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2-Use Job Boards For Recruitment

If it’s becoming difficult for you to find Magento experts then the best solution here is to post on different popular job boards. There are plenty of popular job boards with the kind of reach you want.  Developers and Magento experts can then apply to those open positions. However, you still will have to conduct interviews and manage the entire hiring process. What you must know here is that job boards aren’t suitable if you are looking for project management support. In fact, here you can reach out to Magento experts in the US and you sure will get your desired response.

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3-Ask For Portfolio

Portfolios are of utmost importance no matter what the job is that you are hiring for. Especially for Magento developers and experts, you are supposed to ask them for their portfolio to have a look at their previous work. These portfolios will tell you a lot about the developer’s skills and what work they’ve done so far. You can then assess and match their skills with your requirements. If they do match, you have your expert!



Believe it  or not, communication with your Magento expert can make or break your online store. Now if you are in the US, the wiser thing to do is to hire a US based Magento expert so that there’s no language barrier and no communication gap. Hiring a Magento expert is quite a serious thing as it can affect your store, its user experience and your sales too. So you need to end up with a company or individual who really can understand your needs, help you overcome your store’s challenges and help you improve your Magento store.

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5-Analyze Their Problem Solving Skills

Problem solving skills are quite critical to the needs of every industry. The same goes for people looking for Magento experts. You need to assess and analyze the problem solving skills of your expert before making a final hiring decision. Can the expert help you with coding issues? Can the expert help if you are getting the traffic you want? Is the expert capable of running an error-free store? If yes then you know he’s the guy you want at your back!


These are some of the main factors you must consider when looking for a Magento expert. With the right expert at your end, things will become comparatively easier for you. Especially if you are new to this eCommerce platform then of course you are going to need some real-time help so you should hire your expert wisely. Read online reviews, check the portfolio, ask for expertise, do your homework and then make a final decision because one way or the other this decision will affect your store and your online business.

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