Moneta Markets is a global forex and CFD broker. It has various platforms, deposit bonuses and a wide range of trading and analysis tools. This review provides market opening hours, payment methods, security for investors, and much more. Find out whether you can be confident in Moneta broker review.

Company Information

Moneta Markets was founded in 2019 and has since split off as a Vantage International Group Limited (VIG) subsidiary. The broker is currently operating through its own company, under the supervision of global regulators by ASIC, SVGFSA and FSCA.

The company boasts several live accounts for clients with an average monthly trading volume of more than $100 billion in 1.5 million transactions. Moneta Markets offers over 1000 instruments on its platform on the web and its renowned MT4 and MT5 terminals.

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Trading Platforms

Pro Trader

The broker’s platform provides a comprehensive solution that lets you manage your account and trade through the same interface. With the integrated Client Portal, traders can make simple withdrawals and deposits in only a few clicks. The dashboard has all the features you require to make trading more efficient, including:

  • Market news in-built and price alerts
  • 50plus drawings and tools for technical analysis
  • 12 different types of the chart along with 20+ different chart layouts
  • Stop Loss/Take Profit levels are displayed in pips and price and value in dollars simultaneously

Once you’ve registered to create an account, the website platform can be used with all major browsers.

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Forex trading strategies for beginners

Strategies for forex for beginners are typically different by the timeframe and market-specific factors. Strategies involve trading market movements in just a few minutes or over a long period of time. If you are a beginner, you can try various strategies for forex using an account on a demo forex account to evaluate their success rates and effectiveness. You can also test and select the most appropriate technical indicators for exit and entry points and combine diverse elements from various strategies. The most popular forex strategies are:

Forex scalping is when traders are able to hold several short-term trades and make money from tiny but often successful trades. This method is for traders who can dedicate a substantial portion of their time to trading and are concentrated on the technical analysis.

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Forex day trading is intended for traders who trade at a minimum of one trade per day, based on predicting market developments and seeking to minimize charges for holding fees that are not incurred overnight. This type of trading strategy is ideal for those who aren’t at ease with the fast-paced scalping methods of trading but prefer slower-paced trading techniques.

Forex trading with swings is ideal for traders who want to strike the balance of technical and fundamental analysis. The market is open for several days to purchase at ‘swing lows’ and sell when there are “swing highs” or vice versa when trading short. The time spent on analysis is shorter. The market’s trends using this method as compared to other approaches. There will be a cost of holding overnight, and the chances of the market “gapping’.

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Position trading is holding positions over long-term periods and not focusing on price movements in the short term. It is for those who spend more time analyzing the fundamentals of markets and less time analyzing technical aspects or performing trades.

For more information, read about the various strategies you can use for trading forex at the beginning.

Five forex tips for trading for novices

Know the market of both currencies. Know the fundamentals of both currencies you’re trading as a pair. Keep an eye on the primary macro-environmental factors that can affect the markets you’re exposed to.

Follow your trading strategy: following a trading plan can help you eliminate the emotions from your trades and determine the strategies you use to enter and exit. This trading method is structured markets, which will help keep the flow of trades steady and emotions in check.

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Try, analyze and then try to do it again. The whole trading process involves the evaluation of each trade so that you can determine what went well and what failed. If you are a novice in trading, you’ll need time to establish a solid trading mindset and realize that your trading mindset is still developing. You can try out your trading strategies using our demo account for forex.

Use the old-fashioned mantra: ‘cut your losses and let your profits flow in the course of your trading mindset. Do not be enticed to take profits immediately when it is apparent or fearful of losing your money. Make sure you follow your trading plan and establish risk-management rules to eliminate any emotion from your trading.

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Select the most suitable trader for your needs: a reliable trading platform, customer support, and consistent spreads are a few of the most important aspects that can determine your overall experience with trading.

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